Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kabbadi Task: One of The Best Task of Roadies 8

Watch Suchit and Mohit Beating Rahul & Avatar
Watch one of the best task of roadies 8. Where ex-roadies came back for stealing the money earned by each and every roadie which includes ex-roadies also. Kabbadi task in roadies 8. In this tasks ex-roadies had to steal the money by taking them away in a kabbadi task from the current roadies. From ex-roadies Renne, Aanchal, Avatar and Rahul was on the field where as from current roadies Suchit, Mohit, Pooja and Anamika were the participants. Suchit and Mohit outplayed the Rahul and Avatar. They showed why they were the current roadies. They showed ex-roadies their place. One of the intense tasks of roadies season 8. Enjoy it.

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