Saturday, 21 January 2012

Raghu on Audition of Roadies 9

I won't make Roadies 10 if Roadies 9 won't rock: Raghu
This time the mtv roadies audition 9 were held at pune on September the 16th which was the first venue for the auditions. Usually the audition of roadies kicks off at kolkata. According to raghu pune didn't disappointed him. He met very interesting people who were there to become a roadie. He found the roadie material in roadies contestants. Mtv Roadies 9 will be a great fun to watch. Raghu ram said that he got emotional while taking some of the roadies contestants. The selection for roadies 2011 has become difficult as well as rejection.
Delhi auditions were excellent,Raghu said he never felt that kind of energy in his life which he felt at delhi auditions. Roadies 9 audition were very good. I don't know why Raghu doubted that roadies 9 will rock or not. It will rock for sure. What you guys think?