Sunday, 25 March 2012

Roadies 9 Jaipur Journey Vote Out

Here is the full vote out of roadies 9 episode 2. In this vote out one contestant had to vote for three other contestants. And those 3 Contestants will not be able to get the immunity till roadies 9 go to USA. So until they will have to survive without the immunity. The 3 contestants who were voted out were Vikas, Pratima and Aarsh. Its not finished yet they also given the chance by Raghu to prove them selves and challenge the roadies. If the challenged roadies will loose then they will swap the places of voted out roadies.
VIKAS challenged ANNIRUDDH, PRATIMA challenged DILYALI and AARSH challenged ABHISHEK SHETTY. So it will be

Vikas, Pratima and Aarsh

Annirudh,Diyali and Abhishek

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  1. Vikas, Pratima and Aarsh are goin to win the battle